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While some misdemeanor and minor traffic cases do not require you to have an attorney. It is recommended if you have a felony and major traffic cases, because of the seriousness of the charges and the jail sentences and fines that you face.  An attorney should provide a competent assessment of your case, explain the likely hood of a favorable resolution to your case. An attorney can help locate and question witness's, request discovery from the prosecutor and find experts to help defend your case.

If you chose to hire an attorney, lawyer for your case, have any agreement regarding payment, costs, etc., in writing at the outset of the case. Ask your lawyer if you decide to take a plea and avoid trial if he would give you a reduction to his fee.



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Miami - Dade Florida Jails below.

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Miami-Dade Pre-Trial Detention Center (Main Jail)
(786) 263-4100

TGK Correctional Center
(305) 470-7600

Metro-West Detention Center
(305) 597-2600

Women's Detention Center
305) 547-4310


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